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Priscilla Bell

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Priscilla Bell was born in North Philadelphia and raised in the Hunting Park section of the city. As a young child, she marveled at the colorful street art and graffiti that adorned the North Philly streets. Inspired by the art, Priscilla began to take up drawing and started recording everything she saw in her neighborhood and those in her community. Priscilla went on to graduate from Community College of Philadelphia and then transferred to Moore College of Art and Design where she received a BFA in 2D Fine Arts. In 2010, she graduated with her Masters in Fine Arts in Painting. Throughout the years, Priscilla looked towards her family, surroundings, and cultural heritage for guidance and inspiration. She continues to explore the issues that mean the most to her, including: Parenthood, BIPOC Rights, Urban Decay, the Environment, and finally, what it means to be a Woman Artist. “I seek to share my art with others in hopes of sparking thoughtful conversation with the viewer. It is my hope to help shed light on some of the often-challenging topics that I address in my work.” Priscilla has been the recipient of the Leeway Art & Change grant (2017), “Taino Storyteller of the Year” award (2017), “Phenomenal Woman” award (2020), and Taino Muralist of the Year” award (2020). She also works as a freelance muralist with Mural Arts and is an instructor for Fleisher Art Memorial.

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